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100 % dedicated & properly equipped to assist investors who require facts, knowledge, income, and confidence to preserve and grow generational wealth. 


Canada Income Wealth Management (CIWM) conducts its advisory business on the independent integrated platform of Aligned Capital Partners Inc (ACP).

Gyulmet Ramazanov is a founder and investment advisor at CIWM. For over a decade, he has been helping Canadians preserve their wealth and generate income by taking the time to get to know them and focusing on their financial needs.

  • No product ties. No incentive to sell investment products.
  • Lower fees can save you 30%-40% on cost.
  • Transparent and visible pricing for managing your portfolio.
  • Flat-fee structure. Aligned client-advisor interests.


You are in wealth accumulation stage, near retirement or have retired.

You want to know how much you are paying and how much you’re getting paid. You need an advisor who has no outside incentive, a transparent/visible fee and who puts your interests first.

If you’re in the wealth accumulation stage, near retirement, or have already retired, I can help you preserve or grow your wealth and generate tax-efficient income.


  1. Diagnosis
  2. Mapping
  3. Execution
  4. Visualization
  5. Readjust and Restructure

About Me


Founder and Investment Advisor, CIM
Associate Portfolio Manager


Following 5 Step Process, together we will evaluate your life stage, risk tolerance, and aspirations to design an individualized portfolio. Making sure to explain technical terms in a way all can understand, open dialogue and transparency is the key to your better future!

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About you


You have decided to be more organized and focused on accumulating wealth. In the long-term, you want to achieve financial independence and desired lifestyle.


Your main considerations are when  to retire and what level of lifestyle will you be able to maintain during retirement. Retirement is all about cash flow and creating your “retirement pay-cheque”.


You want to know how much of your retirement income will come from your investment assets and what is the best strategy to withdraw funds.

5 steps

5 STEPS Mapping Your Road To Income Independence


Together, we will review all of your financial statements, obligations, and information related to assets and liabilities to better understand your current financial circumstances. I use various tools to make informed decisions about how your finances should be structured and implement tactics and strategies to help you achieve your financial goals. We will also analyze your lifestyle, values and financial goals.


Based on your profile and input I will point at strengths, weaknesses and I will also identify opportunities.
This combined with my objective, tax-optimizing approach to investing, is the foundation of our personalized income playbook and withdrawal schedule designed specifically for you.
I will present risk-managed investment recommendations at this stage.

3. Execution

We put in action strategies and tactics identified in the previous stages. This might involve discussing your financial plan, monitoring progress towards financial goals, and making adjustments as needed. This stage can include a variety of activities, such as investing, saving, discussions about debt management, risk management and tax planning. 

4. VISUALIzation

While the financial plan is your road map into the future, income needs forecasting is a visual projection of your means to secure the future. Cash flow analysis involves calculating your odds of desired outcomes, and I look at future commitments and evaluate the risk to your financial independence. Financial forecasting is an annual process, but its important to be flexible as regulations and news become available.


Reliable revenue generation in retirement requires continuous communication, monitoring, and analysis. This is to ensure that we meet your objectives and fulfill your needs. We stay in touch and you can expect emails, phone calls and ideas throughout the year.

We recommend regular video, personal or phone review meetings at least once a year to assess your financial progress, capture your changing circumstances, evaluate alternative strategies and, if necessary, recommend adjustments.

Meetings are set up for your convenience, in the office, by phone, or through virtual meetings.

From My Blog



Why people change advisors and why would you short list us as a possible choice? What are the advantages of working with us?

Here are five reasons to consider:

1. Big Picture perspective

This involves looking at all aspects of your financial situation, including your goals, risk tolerance and overall financial health, in order to create a comprehensive wealth management plan.

2. Fee-Based

Being fee-based means our economic interests are aligned with yours. If you are successful, we are successful. It also means you aren’t tied up for years in complicated products. We are humans, so we have made some mistakes before, but we learned from them, we got better and moved on. We also believe this is the best client-advisor relationship model.

3. I am an Advisor, Not a Salesman

I focus on understanding and meeting your unique needs and goals, and providing personalized recommendations and strategies that are tailored to your individual financial situation.

4. Honest and Direct Advice

I pride myself on giving advice that is not only honest, but its also direct. Sometimes, that means giving you recommendations and advice you need to hear. I believe that plain-spoken, direct advice will better help you reach your goals.

5. Evidence Based, Education Driven

Deciding who to work with can be a complicated process.
How do you know who is verifiably trustworthy? We offer free education on important topics. You “can kick our tires.” Watch our video, Schedule personal meeting, review testimonials, Let’s talk.

However, the best way to know is to give us a try. The worst-case scenario, although the probability is very low, you will close your account and move on (no penalties or strings attached). We take care like you are a family.

Let me be radically honest. I am independent advisor, experienced, straightforward and I work for you.

Open a Registered (RRSP, RIF, RESP), Cash, TFSA or Margin Account with Canada Income to have an Open minded Discussion of what matters most in reaching your goals.

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