Dividend Income Vs Interest Income: How They Affect OAS

Avoiding the Old Age Security claw back is typically a top priority for retirees and their advisors. Understanding how different types of investment income can affect your OAS benefit is vital when trying to keep your income under the clawback threshold. What You Need to Know How the Clawback Works It’s important to first understand […]

Broker Vs. Fiduciary

Most Canadians are likely under the impression that all financial services professionals are held to the same obligation of doing what is best for their client. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  There are two “standards of care” for financial advisors:  a broker and a fiduciary.  It is important to understand the difference between […]

5 Ways to Be Smart When the Markets Go Down

We all wish the stock market would move only one way….up.  Unfortunately, history has shown us that every bull market is followed by an equally aggressive bear market.   Sometimes the market falls hard and fast, but that doesn’t have to mean catastrophe. Being smart when times are tough can be just as lucrative as […]